Hello and welcome to theandycarlson.com, also known as "The AC". I like to think AC stands for Always Care. I believe we should always be kind to one another and this should be reflected in everything we do. I've been a design professional for over 20 years and a marketing professional for over 6 years. Through this quest of sorts, I have gained a wide variety of skills sets including: Graphic Design, Illustration, UX/UI Design, Photography, Animation, Art Direction, Marketing, Project Management, Content Specialist... the list goes on.
Based on my experience and interests, I’ve come to the realization that I want to pursue a new role in Software Development, Project Management or Manual QA Testing. I’m currently enrolled in multiple courses to expand my knowledge of product development and the specifics of the Agile methodology. Essentially, I love to collaborate with teams to create great products. I love to wear a lot of hats and see where life takes me, always looking forward to the next adventure.
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